Helps improve the month-end closing process in your company!

FlexiClosing is a must-have tool for Accounting Divisions and Shared Services Centers managed in an innovative manner.

Implementing the FlexiClosing system is a great way to systematize and streamline the month-end closing process. The capabilities of the system should be of particular interest to companies that want to reduce the time it takes to close the accounts or plan to optimize or restructure the work of the accounting team.

FlexiClosing provides features you won’t find in your financial accounting system. Below we present the most important capabilities of the system. We encourage those interested in learning more about the product to contact us directly.

By implementing FlexiClosing you will:

  • ensure control of the process by providing information on the progress of work as well as occurring delays and risks
  • improve coordination of tasks performed by different units during month-end closing
  • reduce the risk of oversight or error during month-end closing by precisely indicating tasks to be performed by each person
  • streamline the simultaneous work of the accounting team when closing the accounts for all client companies

More information about FlexiSolutions:

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