Effectively manage risk and the system of internal controls across the organisation.

FlexiControl is software designed to support the performance of tasks of, among others, the management board and audit committee with respect to monitoring the effectiveness of the risk management system, internal control management system, and internal audit.

FlexiControl allows you to consistently and transparently document all information on identified risks and internal controls in business processes.

The tool also serves as an excellent repository of knowledge on risks and the controls assigned to processes and sub-processes, including dependencies between them.

What does FlexiControl offer?

  • Replace siloed information on risks and controls by documenting them in a single and easy to manage system.
  • Enable monitoring of effectiveness of systems of internal controls with transparent information on the quantity and quality of controls addressing the risks in business processes.
  • Improve the work of business process owners and the internal auditor by serving as a repository of knowledge on controls, conducted audits and the resulting recommendations across the organisation.
  • Support the internal auditor in preparing an audit plan for the next year.
  • Report the results of assessment of key control procedures in processes and recommended corrective actions.

Why FlexiControl?


It is up to you in which areas of your operations you are going to deploy FlexiControl. The tool can be used to monitor the effectiveness of the system of internal controls in processes related to business operations, management or financial reporting, or compliance.

Repository of knowledge on processes, risks, controls and their effectiveness

FlexiControl stores full knowledge on associations, i.e. process – process owner and participants – risk – control – control effectiveness. The entire documentation and best practices can be easily used in the company's different business units or a group of companies with capital ties.

Assessment of effectiveness of existing controls

With FlexiControl you will be able to assess if the implemented controls effectively address the identified risks and whether they provide adequate protection against major errors or abuse. The system will enable you to prepare corrective actions, prioritise them, and assign responsibility for their implementation.

Diagnostics of the system of internal controls

Development of the Control Matrix typically involves analysing existing policies and procedures and documenting the course of processes. This allows you to assign controls to risks, identify new risks and areas where you need to enhance controls, and propose corrective actions.

Enhance the internal audit function

The internal audit is given a tool which allows them to plan audit frequency and prepare any procedures of testing the effectiveness of controls. FlexiControl thus becomes an essential element of process-based approach to continuous monitoring of effectiveness of the system of internal controls.

Enhance corporate governance

With robust functionality, FlexiControl supports the management and oversight of the company, which makes it an essential element of corporate governance. We have developed a system for you, which helps fulfil the requirements of "Best Practices of WSE-listed companies", "Best practices of audit committees in Poland" and "Act on Auditors" to the extent of monitoring the effectiveness of systems of internal controls, internal audit and risk management.

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