System for mapping, describing, identifying risks and inefficiencies, and for the management of business process optimization projects.

FlexiProcess will assist your organisation in increasing operational efficiency of the business conducted

Excellent processes give a tangible edge in the form of higher revenue and lower costs, which makes them an essential building blocks for creating your business value. The problem is, processes are virtually always imperfect. There is always some room for improvement. Organisations such as Toyota and many Polish ones manage business processes by pursuing Continouous Improvement philosophy. That’s just the reason why we’ve developed FlexiProcess.

If your company wants to increase its operational efficiency by improving its processes, FlexiProcess should be your solution of choice. FlexiProcess will allow you to understand your processes (process map, process description, description of various categories of inefficiencies) and then effectively manage their optimization.

Benefits of using FlexiProcess:

  • You will implement a culture of process optimization in your company
  • Current versions of all the processes will be stored in one place, and accessing them will be monitored
  • You will provide employees with a user-friendly tool for creating process maps and quality descriptions thereof
  • You will have an insight into the nature of inefficiencies that occur in your processes and into their potential for efficiency improvements – which, in turn, will allow you to help reduce costs, increase sales, and achieve better customer and employee satisfaction

Why FlexiProcess?

Friendly process mapping

FlexiProcess allows you to easily map each and every process in your organisation. When using predefined symbols, even those employees that don't yet have so much experience in process management are able to create clear cut process maps.

Clear description of the process taking into account various business perspectives

FlexiProcess features the option of describing a process in a standard way, i.e. based on its successive operations, process participants, IT tools used or procedures. However, its true power resides in the ability to describe the process so as to search for various inefficiencies (such as organisational, technological and cost-related ones, excessive duration etc.), risks, potential for improvement of the process.

Creating process descriptions templates

If the purpose of process mapping in the organisation is to understand and optimize them, e.g. for potential cost reduction, then you can create your process description template which will let you describe the process for identified cost inefficiencies. You can build any description templates which will best suit your needs as regards process mapping and optimization.

Good managerial reporting

The system helps managers effectively manage process optimization. If you need to know what sort of inefficiencies occur in your processes, what are the shortcomings of internal control, or, say, which operations within the process substantially slow it down - the system allows you to quickly print clearly designed reports that provide you with the information you require.

Integrated process management environment in your company

The system keeps all current maps and process descriptions of the organisation. Good management of access rights and permissions in the system allows authorised employees to edit and modify, while others have the read only option.

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