System that helps the accounting department ensure correct account balances

FlexiReconciliation will help you ensure correct balances on balance sheet accounts:

  • Detailed verification procedures for each account
  • Individual task list for each user
  • Personalized notification system
  • Easy control of the progress of the process
  • Complete reconciliation history always at your fingertips
  • A wide range of predefined reports

Why FlexiReconciliation?

Reduced risk of reporting inaccurate financial results

Introducing a formal process of verification of account balances minimizes the probability of overlooking errors that lead to distortion of the financial statements of the company.

Full audit trail

The history of consecutive reconciliations, along with clarifications and source records, is available in one place. Tracing past processes is possible at any time. This provides invaluable assistance when the auditor or other interested parties need information.

Control of the quality and timeliness of the accounting team's work

The system ensures that tasks are performed on time by informing users about upcoming tasks. Predefined reports facilitate the evaluation of the timeliness and quality of the accounting team's work.

Improvement in the efficiency of the accounting team's work

Features provided by FlexiReconciliation enable the accounting team to efficiently and effectively review the accounting balances. Built-in forms and reports allow the user to perform tasks step by step.

Repository of financial and accounting knowledge

FlexiReconciliation maintains and provides control procedures for all accounts. All documents and materials used during balance verification are stored in one place.

Easy integration with any accounting system

The flexibility of system configuration and open integration architecture allow for fast implementation regardless of the accounting system used by the company.

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