Ensure the reliability of financial results through an innovative approach to accounts reconciliation.


FlexiReconciliation automates and streamlines the reconciliation process.

It improves the accuracy in the financial close, providing accountants with a simplified way of checking the correctness and appropriateness of balance sheets. Accountants can quickly compare the accounting data from trial balance to investigate discrepancies, attach supporting documentation and take required actions directly from the system workspace.

Automate and streamline the accounts reconciliation process

Streamline reconciliation process:

  • Automation and streamlining of the accounting reconciliation process
  • Effective solution to comply with accounting procedures and standards
  • Ensure maintenance of an effective system of internal controls
  • Eliminates processes dependent on the spreadsheets and manual activities, prone to human error

Increase efficiency of internal controls:

  • Maintain reconciliation procedures containing descriptions of control activities
  • Assign responsibility for reconciliation to the level of single trial balance account
  • Work based on uniform standards arranges and simplifies the work of the accountants
  • Register activities and archive documents needed for internal control and audit

Monitor and streamline reconciliation process:

  • Ensures ongoing monitoring of the reconciliation process
  • Enables detection of accounting errors before they become a problem
  • Provides knowledge and documentation for audit purposes
  • Supports efficiency improvement of accounting processes

FlexiReconciliation eliminates the risks of the old world of paper-based, manual spreadsheets giving unprecedented insight into accounting processes.

FlexiReconciliation helps to control procedures for each account

Precise control procedures
for each account

FlexiReconciliation helps to assign responsibility for reconciliation

Responsibility assignment
for reconciliation

FlexiReconciliation helps to automate verification of accounts to be reconciled

Initial automate verification
of accounts to be reconciled

FlexiReconciliation helps to add accounts from the accounting system

Automatically adding accounts
from the accounting system

FlexiReconciliation helps to monitor the reconciliation status

Easy monitoring
of reconciliation status

FlexiReconciliation helps to keep the full history of reconciliation

The full history
of reconciliation

FlexiReconciliation helps to mitigate the risk of error reporting

Mitigate the risk of error reporting

FlexiReconciliation helps to delegate responsibility

Delegates responsibility

FlexiReconciliation helps to investigate the source of problems

Helps in investigating the sources of problems

FlexiReconciliation facilitates cooperation with the auditor

Facilitates cooperation with the auditor

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