Effective controlling system offering features necessary for effective reporting, budgeting and forecasting.

Significant improvement in the efficiency and quality of work of the controlling department:

  • Multidimensional modeling of the company’s business structures
  • Integrated financial, operational, budgeting and forecasting database
  • Preserving the full functionality of MS Excel
  • Full control of budgeting and forecasting processes
  • Easy integration with source systems

Why FlexiReporting?

Flexible data model tailored to your needs

In FlexiReporting you will easily map the business model of your company, placing in it your own organizational structure, products and clients. Modeling is extremely easy, so you will quickly adapt the system to the changes in your company.

Automation of management reporting

A standard set of reports is generated automatically based on data imported from the source systems. Combining in one place all financial, sales and operational data with past performance, budgets and forecasts reduces the effort of preparing reports.

Controlled access to sensitive financial information

FlexiReporting completely eliminates problems with sharing personalized reports with individual managers. The system allows for assigning individual permissions to each user. Each employee using the system sees only the data that he or she is authorized to see.

Distribution and consolidation of planning forms

The users themselves download budget forms from the system, along with the most current data. Data written to the system database is automatically consolidated. Forms are no longer sent by email, and summary reports don't require combining multiple files.

Built-in financial logic

The system supports reporting results on a monthly, quarterly or cumulative basis, and support for many currencies allows for using FlexiReporting in an international environment as well. Calculations and rules used in the budget model will be easily implemented together with the system.

The best features of a database and a spreadsheet

The users always work in MS Excel environment, preserving the well-known and appreciated capabilities of a spreadsheet. At the same time, the FlexiReporting central database guarantees timeliness, consistency, efficiency and availability of key reports that is impossible to achieve using only MS Excel.

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