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How to ensure correct account balances?
Which verification program to choose?

FlexiReconciliation is a tool which uses account verification procedures to help you ascertain the accuracy of account balances. Its intuitive interface and a customizable notification system guarantee simple and straightforward navigation for all users. The flexibility of FlexiReconciliation allows to integrate it with any accounting system.

How to create a business budget for a company?
How to choose the best forecasting method?

With FlexiReporting, you will maintain full control over budgeting and forecasting procedures. Ready-to-use templates facilitate the consolidation of forecasts and budgets prepared by various departments of your company, which significantly improves efficiency and work quality of the controlling department. FlexiReporting supports 100% of features offered by MS Excel.

How to streamline project management at the company?
Which solution will make the Project Manager’s job easier?

FlexiProject is a program created for the PMO (Project Management Office) and intended to support the management of a project portfolio. A precise definition of project objectives and scope gives structure and a sense of clarity to further planning and implementation. FlexiProject makes it easier to assess and select the most profitable projects for your company.

How to streamline distribution of documents at the company?
Does electronic distribution facilitate cooperation between departments?

FlexiWorkflow is the right tool for any company which aims to streamline its management of document distribution. The solution enables Clients to accept invoices online and preview any documents at all times and places. By supporting the accounting department, FlexiWorkflow accelerates document processing and allows you to closely monitor it.

How to settle expenses incurred on business trips?
Which program is best for calculating allowance?

Try out our Business Trip Calculator! It is free of charge and available 24/7 online. With a simple form you can effortlessly settle the costs of accommodation, transportation and the whole trip. A printable copy of the filled form will be sent to your email address.

How to maintain control over the month-end closing procedures?
Could the month-end close be faster and more accurate?

With FlexiClosing, the month-end close at your company can become a swift process completed with no blunders or oversights. Thanks to a practical program schedule, you can thoroughly monitor all closing procedures, which puts you in control and lets you assess the risk of delays. FlexiClosing is an intuitive, easy-to-use program that can be implemented at any company.

How to ensure the review and assessment of risk and control processes?
Does the software improve the internal audit management?

With FlexiControl you will streamline the process of monitoring the effectiveness of the risk management and internal control system. You will also dramatically improve the performance of business process owners and of the internal auditor in preparing an audit plan for the next year. With generated reports, you will easily assess key control procedures and proposed corrective actions.

How to identify areas of inefficiencies in a company?
What does risk mapping and description involve?

Continuous identification of areas of inefficiencies and continuous optimization of key processes are essential for the prosperity of your company. To make your company perform better, FlexiProcess helps you understand where to look for weaknesses (by mapping, describing and qualifying inefficiencies), and suggests how to effectively manage their optimization.

Which program should I choose for my company?
What are your IT solutions and systems for business?

Apart from providing you with ready-to-use solutions, we specialize in designing and implementing solutions developed specifically for your company. Our services and systems for business are created to meet the needs of our Clients. That is why we can offer you professional software or an IT tool which will fit the standards adopted at your company.


How to improve work efficiency at my company?
Are the tools offered by FlexiSolutions suitable for my company?

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